Entry nominations in Vikings SuperCrits - Round 3 27 Feb 14:38

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Vikings Cycling Club website.

Name Status
MAKIN, Scott Entered
KITZEL, Antonia Entered
TERRACINI, Mark Entered
TERRACINI, Millie Entered
SHEEHAN, Tony Entered
PLAYFORD, Samuel Entered
MCMURRAY, Rowan Entered
NOLAN, Chris Entered
HENWOOD, Darcy Entered
RUNDLE, Tom Entered
MCKAY, Paul Entered
SANDERSON, Daniel Entered
LYNCH, Kym Entered
PEDERSEN, Kim Entered
CHING, Raymond Entered
WIDDOWS, Kelly Entered
VROOMANS, Marc Entered
BENTLIN, Ryker Entered
BATES, James Entered
BATES, Ryan Entered
BEALE, Matthew Entered
BATES, Sean Entered
BARBERET, Christophe Entered
JOHNSON, Lee Entered
EDWARDSON, Nathan Entered
MIFSUD, Jordan Entered
GILLIES, David Entered
SOUTAR, Grant Entered
MACIVER, Callum Entered
HACKETT, Corin Entered
PRESTON, Ian Entered
BRILL, Peta Entered
FAIRBROTHER, Richard Entered
TORRANCE, Elspeth Entered
TORRANCE, Dougal Entered
MILLAN, Gabrielle Entered
MENZIES, Clare Entered
ROBERTSON, Dougal Entered
ROSSER, Michael Entered
WOODERSON, Col Entered
DYSON, Brett Entered
MAAS, Ashleigh Entered
LOWE, Elizabeth Entered
KOROKNAI, Ryan Entered
STEVENS, Darren Entered
CHOWNS, Jonathan Entered
SMITH, Jeremy Entered
MORGAN, Matthew Entered
PUMPHREY, Damien Entered
EATON, Darren Entered
SMITH, Daniel Entered
ASTRIDGE, Annika Entered
ASTRIDGE, John Entered
ASTRIDGE, Will Entered
TAYLOR, Shirley-Anne Scratched
COOK, Thomas Entered
PICKIN, Clint Entered
BUERGER, Sara Entered
O'CONNOR, Harry Scratched
MCLENNAN, Daniel Entered
O'LOUGHLIN, Remi Entered
O'LOUGHLIN, Samuel Entered
O'LOUGHLIN, Julien Entered
WILLIAMS, Benjamin Entered
WILLIAMS, Hugo Entered
WILLIAMS, George Entered
SMITH, Rowan Entered
JOYCE, James Entered
TAYLOR, Hudson Entered
TAYLOR, Erik Entered
TAYLOR, Ross Entered
BOWEN, Gareth Scratched
BOWEN, Cadel Entered
BOWEN, Amalie Entered
BOWEN, Tara Entered
SLOANE, George Entered
TORRES-SCHMIDT, Valentin Scratched
JOYCE, Danny Scratched