Entry nominations in Neerabup Graded Road Race 21 Feb 13:50

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the West Coast Masters Cycling Council website.

Name Status
BUNNING, Duncan Entered
CARTER, James Entered
BORRETT, Paul Entered
SMITH, Tony Entered
GOMEZ, Diego Entered
HUGHES, Marshall Entered
LYNE, Ian Entered
STEPHENS, Robert Entered
POPE, Eddy Entered
WINCH, Keith Entered
UPTON, Matt Entered
GREGG, Jon Entered
BUNTER, David Entered
VANDENBERG, Simon Entered
LISO, John Entered
STEPHENS, Craig Entered
GREGORY, Ian Entered
MACKAY, Paul Entered
WARK, Gavin Entered
SINGLETON, Chris Entered
WOODS, Patrick Entered
SCOTT, Lyn Entered
COSENTINO, Paul Entered
SOFIELD, David Entered
WOODS, Richard Entered
FOWLER, Brett Entered
MARTIN, James Entered
HODGE, Chris Entered
PEACOCK, Adam Entered
KANCZUK, Marcelo Entered
KIRSTEN, Rushdi Entered
MCCANN, Wade Entered
YOUNG, Mike Entered
LEE, Aaron Entered
MCGRATH, Keaton Entered
GREESHAW, Lyndon Entered
MARSH, Roderick Entered
STAUDE, John Entered
HARDMAN, Gary Entered
DOW-VINE, Iain Entered
DOW-VINE, Shirley Entered
HOLMES, Trevor Entered
SCHUTZE, Mark Entered
DEARLE, Tabitha Entered
STIBBS, William Entered
PENISTON, Helen Entered
PENISTON, Christopher Entered
HOLGATE, Chris Entered
MENARRY, David Entered
SELLAR, Rose Entered
RYAN, Steve Entered
HOCKING, Greg Entered
WRAY, Ben Entered
NICHOLLS, Alan Entered
WILLIAMSON, Mark Entered
WEIDMAN, Joshua Entered
HAMBLETON, Karl Entered
RAWLINGS, Dave Scratched
NGUYEN, Andrew Scratched