Entry nominations in MAD Cow Coffee XCO Series 3 Race 2 25 May 03:49

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Mackay and District (MAD) Mountain Bike Club website.

Name Status
DUMIGAN, Kiah Entered
BROWNSEY, Camden Entered
KEHRES, Brian Entered
KEHRES, Anne-Marie Entered
KEHRES, Andrys Entered
COOTE, Callam Entered
HINES, Dylan Entered
HINES, Cooper Entered
DOYLE, Cooper Entered
SCOBLE, Barry Entered
SCOBLE, Dylan Entered
ROBERTS, Andrew Entered
PALISE, Ben Scratched
KNIGHTS, Paige Entered
MULLER, Ben Entered
BALCOMB, Elle Entered
CORRY, Ryan Entered
DURHAM, Austin Entered
DURHAM, Zane Entered
FLANAGAN, Eli Entered
FLANAGAN, Andrew Entered
JANSEN, Ethan Entered
MURRAY, Walker Entered
GREEN, Ethan Entered
GREEN, Philip Entered
GREEN, Riley Entered
KNIGHTS, Damon Entered
THOMPSON, Simon Entered
HUGHES, Jason Entered
RAFFERTY, Chet Entered
RAFFERTY, Ged Entered
RAFFERTY, Ryan Entered
CALDWELL, Caleb Entered
BURNETT, Kristy Entered
BURNETT, Madison Entered
BURNETT, Jane Entered
BURNETT, Lucas Entered
BURNETT, Gene Entered
JACKSON, Allison Entered
GOODWILL, Justin Entered
MAITLAND, Toby Entered
MAITLAND, Henry Entered
PITT, Blake Entered
PITT, Trent Entered
BENNETT, Jack Entered
BENNETT, Scott Entered
TEAGUE, Max Entered
SCHOLTZ, Adriaan Entered
ROWLANDS, Kristen Entered
SAWTELL, Sacha Entered
KING, Belinda Entered
SAWTELL, Greyson Entered
SCHWARZROCK, Zac Scratched
GRAVES, Stephanie Entered
GRAVES, Oliver Entered
VELLA, Jason Entered
LAVENDER, Steve Entered
ROSE, Eddie Entered
WEISS, Ethan Entered
IVORY, Niall Provisionally entered
GOODWILL, Stella Provisionally entered
FLANAGAN, Connor Scratched