Northern Combine
2022 Volunteer Season Pass

Sun, 2 Oct 2022
Entries open
Mon, 28 Mar 2022 12:00 noon AEDT
Entries close
Sun, 02 Oct 2022 11:59 PM AEDT
Pay online by
Sun, 02 Oct 2022 11:59 PM AEDT

Help us eliminate Rego & Support Timing of Events

To speed transition to Season Numbers, anyone without season numbers will be asked to buy them at entry for an additional $15. These are yours to keep (forever) & include; 2 x quality race numbers, frame plate, transponder & frame plate holder.
More Info here. Season Number Pre-Order

Season Pass

What is it?

The Northern Combine offers a Volunteer Season Pass - unlimited racing at 2022 Northern Combine events for only $45.

How it works

  1. Join the volunteer roster.

  2. Buy this season pass online

  3. When they open, enter any eligible event that takes your fancy.

  4. EntryBoss will recognise Season Pass Holders as eligible for free entry - no further payment required.

Note: No need to wait

You are able to access the volunteer pass as soon as you have submitted your volunteer nomination. The Northern Combine Volunteer Coordinator will contact you in due course and together you will confirm your volunteer duty.

Who is eligible?

  • The volunteer season pass is currently open to all volunteers.
  • Volunteers can be from any club (including non-combine clubs).
  • Riders can have someone volunteer on their behalf and still claim volunteer status (a great way to involve friends or family in your racing)

Northern Suburbs 3 Day Tour volunteers are also eligible (assuming that is able to be scheduled this year).

Eligible Events

This offer applies to Northern Combine events hosted by Combine affiliated clubs.

The full list of 2022 events:

Date Eligible Event
Sat 23-Apr Jack Wood Memorial (Handicap)
Sat 28-May Autumn Cycling Classic @ La Trobe University - DATE TBC
Sat 25-Jun Hell of the West
Sat 30-Jul Pop Stewart Memorial (Handicap)
Sat 06-Aug St Kilda Trophy Race
Sat 20-Aug Time Trial Championships
Sat 27-Aug Jack McDonough
Sat 03-Sep Hawthorn Trophy Race
Sat 10-Sep Alf Walker Memorial (Handicap)
Sun 02-Oct to be confirmed Preston Mountain Classic

Note: what's not included

1) Race entry to The Northern Suburbs 3 Day Tour is not included. People volunteering for the Northern Suburbs 3 Day Tour are able to take up this season pass for the Northern Combine races season.

2) Invitational Events

The NC official fixture includes some invitational events hosted by non-NC clubs. These are 'fixture sharing' in nature (ie races hosted by Geelong or Footscray) and run on a reciprocal invitational basis. The NC does not control entries to these invitational events and as a result, these are excluded from this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering - What's Involved

  • To be recognised as a volunteer, you need to register for a volunteer duty.

  • The Volunteer Coordinator then confirms you in a duty, and hopefully is able to accommodate your preferences.

  • You are expected to complete one duty at some point in the season (noting that you give up vol status if no mutually suitable duty can be found between yourself & the vol co-ordinator).

  • You cannot race on the day you perform your duty (unless - see next)

  • You can have someone else perform your duty on your behalf (must be as capable and willing as you are)

  • All vols are briefed prior to their roles so do not necessarily need direct race volunteer experience.

Full details here.

COVID RISK - Will I get a refund if races are cancelled?

This is a season pass, and that season offer is in the context of COVID. Riders are asked to bear some risk themselves if race cancellations are required due to COVID. The Northern Combine is NOT looking to offer pro-rata discounts if the full season cannot be delivered due to COVID cancellations, especially if the refund amount is immaterial and the admin effort high. Having said that, a 'fair & reasonable' approach will be taken with respect to partial refunds if a large part of the season is not able to proceed.

Where Do I Find the Vol Roster?

Please nominate for a duty (here)[]. The Vol Coordinator will confirm your preferred role or help organise an alternative date.

Are numbers limited?

Once the volunteer roster is full, we'll be closing this offer. NC club members will be given preferential entry (but still need to be quick).

Do I still have to Enter races?

Yes - you'll still need to enter races, you just won't need to pay any more. This is to prevent "no shows" impacting the integrity of the startlists for individual races - especially handicaps.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Races?

Sorry, no refunds or partial refunds (noting we will always meet legal requirements).

Can I Enter as Normal and Claim Vol Status?

Yes, volunteers can enter & pay race-by-race ($15) as normal.

The Season pass is completely optional and offered as a special reward for those who give back to racing through volunteering.

More Info

NC Volunteering:

Race Fixture Information:

Email the Volunteer Coordinator:

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Vol Pass+ Season Nums
Volunteer Season Pass

As long as you volunteer for a duty during the NC season, you qualify to buy the season pass (i.e. can be a member of any club).

Actions available
Donation info

Like to contribute more?

If you feel this offer is too cheap, please feel free to top-up by adding a voluntary contribution amount below. Thanks for volunteering and supporting quality club racing.