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2023 CCC Summer Crit Series Season Pass

Wed, 15 Nov 2023
Entries open
Mon, 21 Aug 2023 11:59 PM AEST
Entries close
Sat, 18 Nov 2023 2:00 PM AEDT
Pay online by
Sat, 18 Nov 2023 2:00 PM AEDT

TLDR - Volunteer Discount - here's how it works

  1. Claim a spot on the rego desk using the Volunteer Sign up Form
  2. The Volunteer Co-ordinator will issue you with a promo code (single use & unique to you)
  3. Sign up for the Season Pass and use your promo code at entry to trigger your discount
  4. Note how awesome you are for volunteering and committing to a huge season of crits. Club racing doesn't happen without volunteers, so thank you.

Season Pass

What is it?

Canberra Cycling Club offers a discounted season pass to all participants who volunteer at 1 or more races in the 2023 Summer Crit series.

We are seeking to fill all of the 'Registration Desk' places on the volunteer calendar. The other roles (open, close, first aid, commissaire will be filled by our team of dedicated committee members and super vols). Get in touch (details below) if you'd like to fill one of these roles.

Discounted season passes are only available for those who nominate to fill volunteer roles in line with the 2023 Summer Crits volunteer policy. These volunteers will be provided with a unique one-time code to access the volunteer rate on this listing.

Full details of this year's arrangements are available on the Crit Info page.


Automatic Entry

Season pass holders are automatically entered into EVERY ROUND of the crit season. No more week-by-week entry, trying to beat the cutoff deadline. You're sorted!

If you are the parent of a junior rider who is eligible for free racing you should sign them up here to register them for the whole season in one go.


We want to encourage crit season participants to sign on in advance to cover volunteer shifts throughout the season. To reward participants that do this we will provide a season pass for the heavily discounted price of $150. So as well as automatic entry, you'll be racing for less than $10 per crit!

How it Works

  1. Check the volunteer roster for where we need help
  2. Sign up to volunteer using this form
  3. Receive a confirmation email and one-time code from the volunteer coordinator
  4. Purchase this discounted season pass
  5. EntryBoss will automatically enter you into every crit round of the season - no further entries or payment are required for all CCC 2023 Summer Crit Series events

Who is eligible?

  • The discounted season pass is currently open to anyone who nominates to volunteer in the 2023 summer crit series
  • Volunteers can be from any club
  • Riders can have someone volunteer on their behalf and still be eligible for the discounted season pass (a great way to involve friends or family in your racing)

Eligible Events

The discount applies to all 2023 CCC Summer Crit Series Events (excluding the ACT Crit Championships).

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering - What's involved

To be eligible for a discounted season pass, you need to register for at least 1 volunteer duty. We've reduced it from the 2 required last season.

You are expected to complete your Registration Desk duty on the date you nominate in the 2023 CCC crit season (noting that you give up your discounted season pass if you do not meet your obligation).

If you are a no-show on your rostered night you will be asked to pay the difference between your season pass and number of events you raced. If you do not do this, or if you don't meet your obligation, you may be suspended from attending future crit series events.

  • You cannot race on the day you perform your duty (unless - see next)

  • You can have someone else perform your duty on your behalf (must be as capable and willing as you are), or there are enough volunteers on duty to cover the desk (this has to be arranged with the Crit Coordinator prior to the night)

  • All vols are briefed and provided with volunteering information prior to the event.

Where do I find the Vol Roster?

The Volunteer Roster lives here.

Do I still have to enter races?

No, this year season pass holders will automatically be entered into all eligible races.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Races?

Sorry, no refunds or partial refunds.

Can I Enter as Normal?

Yes, volunteers can enter & pay race-by-race ($15) as normal.

The Season pass is completely optional and offered as a special reward for those who give back to racing through volunteering.

Junior White and Junior HC

Riders in these grades can sign up for a season pass (for free) and be automatically entered in every round for the entire season. Riders in junior grades can also sign up week to week.

Volunteer Nomination Window

26 September - 11 October.

*Note that if you buy a season pass after racing starts you will not receive a refund for any races you entered before you bought the season pass. *

Our goal in doing this is to create an incentive for our members to step up and volunteer early, and lessen the burden on our team administering the season.

Refunds and Cancellations

The CCC committee may consider refunds of season passes in extenuating circumstances. For example, if a rider has been unable to race the majority of events due to serious injury or illness.

With an extended series of racing, it is expected some rounds will be cancelled due to rain etc. The discount takes account of a reasonable cancellation risk so part-refunds are not warranted for a small number of race cancellations.

If however, a large number of rounds need to be canceled, the CCC Committee may elect to refund riders on a pro-rata basis.

As such, scratching is not offered on Series Pass entries.


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EntryBoss Support -

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Standard Season Pass
Volunteer Discounted Pass
Junior White & HC

Season pass - please note special refund conditions apply.

Actions available
Donation info

Help Us Replace the Club Van

Please consider adding a voluntary contribution to your race entry, 100% of which goes towards a new club van and it's fitout.

If you or your business are able to contribute in a more substantial way please contact us.