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Tiger Tracks Gravel - Day 2 (of 2)

Sun, 16 Apr 2023
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Mon, 30 Jan 2023 6:00 PM AWST
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Fri, 07 Apr 2023 11:00 PM AWST
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Fri, 07 Apr 2023 11:30 PM AWST

About Tiger Tracks Gravel - a weekend festival of gravel racing, riding & learning

The Tiger Tracks Gravel Race is two stages over two days:

*Saturday: Tiger TT - Gravel individual time trial 22km.

*Sunday: Big Tiger OR Little Tiger - Gravel races 40/78km

There will be categories for solo women and men, female pairs, and mixed pairs. There will also be recognition for female riders 45+, male riders 55+, Junior U17, and Para categories.

Tiger Tracks winners will have the fastest combined ITT & race times. Pairs times will be calculated on the sum of the pair’s Saturday ITT times, and the second rider’s Sunday race time.

For those who want a more leisurely experience, there are supported participation rides on Saturday and Sunday that will set out after the races depart.

You can enter individual events (rather than both days).

Field size each day will be capped at 150 riders.

The course terrain is rolling, rather than hilly, and the chosen routes are 100% gravel roads.

The Event Hub is at the Darradup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Shed in Jalbarragup, 20km from Nannup. This is a small remote rural community, so the facilities will be basic, but the welcome will be warm.

More information here:


SATURDAY: Please enter here https://entryboss.cc/races/14458
SUNDAY: Please enter using this listing

What's on Offer?

Saturday 15 April

  • Tiger Time Trial – 22km – RACE Stage 1 – limit 120 – $35
  • Tiger Tootle – 24km – RIDE – limit 30 – $35

    • Skills coaching – limit 15 – $5
    • Mechanics session – limit 15 – free

Sunday 16 April

  • Big Tiger – 78km – RACE – limit 60 – $85
  • Little Tiger – 40km – RACE – limit 60 – $65
  • Tiger Trek – 30km – RIDE – limit 30 – $35

Limits may be adjusted between events pending demand.

You can race individually or in mixed PAIRS.
Please provide your common TEAM NAME at entry if racing PAIRS.
Coordinate a common team name between yourselves prior to entry.
This enables us to match you up with your partner for results.



Day Category $
Tiger Time Trial Race $35
Tiger Tootle Ride $35
Little Tiger Race $65
Big Tiger Race $85
Tiger Trek Ride $35

Racing Both Days?

There is a $10 discount if racing both days.
Please apply promo code BOTHDAYS at entry for Day 2 to trigger your discount.


Scratching - You can withdraw your entry with a self-serve, automated refund via EntryBoss if you are within the scratching cut-off time (11pm Thursday April 6). Please return to the EntryBoss Race Listing and use the 'Scratch' button.


All start times are subject to change at the organiser's discretion. The Tiger Tootle Ride departure time is dependent on the number of TT entrants.

Day Event Time
Registration 7.00–10.00am
Basic Bike Mechanics 8.00–9.00am
Skills Session 9.00–10.00am
Pre-ride briefing 10.00am
Tiger Time Trial Race 10.30–12.30pm
Tiger Tootle Ride 11.30–1.00pm
Presentations 1.30pm
Registration 7.30–9.00am
Pre-ride briefing 9.00am
Little Tiger Race 9.30am–12.30pm
Big Tiger Race 9.30am–2.30pm
Tiger Trek Ride 10.00am–1.00pm
Presentations 3.00pm

Technical Information

License Requirements

An AusCycling “Race – All Discipline” or “Race – Off Road” membership/license is required for riders to be eligible to participate in the races. Information here: www.auscycling.org.au/membership/race-all-discipline.

An AusCycling “Lifestyle” membership is required for riders to participate in the Rides and Skills Sessions. Information here: https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership/lifestyle. A “Race – All Discipline” or “Race – Off Road” membership/licenses can also be used.

Alternatively, for those who are not AusCycling members, a Participation Fee of $8 per day can be paid with your registration..

When taking out a license you are agreeing to adhere to the AusCycling Policies and Regulations.


There is no restriction on the type of bike that can be used for gravel racing. Bikes must have two working brakes. Riders are expected to complete the race with the same frame, forks and wheels as at the start.

E-Bikes are permitted in the participation rides.

Handcycles are permitted.

Read more in the AusCycling Gravel Regulations: https://assets.auscycling.org.au/s3fs-public/2022-12/auscycling-technical-regulations-gravel-.pdf?VersionId=SGAo_svx34TaNQ.VZi9FNJaBguX9p3TE


4FIVE+ Athlete Collective strives to provide opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Juniors: Please refer to the AusCycling Junior Riding Up Policy, found under the Sport Policies & Technical Regulations section www.auscycling.org.au/page/about/governance-rules-policies.

For junior categories the following maximum distances/times may apply:
- Junior 19 70km (TT & Little Tiger, participation rides). - Under 17 50km (TT & Little Tiger, participation rides). - Under 15 35km (TT, participation rides).

Para-cyclists: Please refer to AusCycling & UCI technical regulations for guidance. - AusCycling https://assets.auscycling.org.au/s3fs-public/2020-10/auscycling-technical-regulations-para-cycling.pdf.
- UCI https://archive.uci.org/docs/default-source/rules-and-regulations/part-xvi--para-cycling.pdf?sfvrsn=47af1c56_38. .

If you are unsure about your eligibility to participate, please contact admin@4fiveplus.org

COVID-19 Restrictions / Requirements

Sign-in will be “self-serve”, please ensure you maintain your physical distancing measures Return of numbers and helmet cover will be self-serve. Please follow instructions There will be NO REFUNDS if you DO NOT START

More Info

Please visit the 4Five+ website: https://www.4fiveplus.org/events-1

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Big Tiger
Little Tiger
Tiger Trek

A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).