Startlist for Cairns Cup on Wheels - Friday night track

Published at: Fri, 30 Sep 2022 8:50 AM AEST as provisional startlist - subject to change.

Category Participant Club/Team
A BARNETT, Simon Townsville Cycle Club
A BEDDOME, Thomas Townsville Cycling Club
A HUTTON, Brandon Cairns Cycling Club
A HUTTON, David Cairns Cycling Club
A RAYNER, Josh Cairns Cycling Club
B ANDERSON, Petra Cairns Cycling Clu
B EDER, John Ipswich CC
B GREGORY, Neil Cairns Cycling Club
B GROTH, Ricky Cairns Cycling Club
B HUTTON, Greg Cairns Cycling Club
B JORGENSEN, Peter Townsville Cycling Club
B KERSWELL, Hannah Townsville Cycle Club
B MCGOWAN, Courtney University of Queensland CC/Women’s Cycling Development Initiative
B THOMPSON, John Cairns Cycling Club
C HEDGER, Steven Townsville Cycle Club
C HEFFERNAN, Lucy Cairns cycling club
C HUYSER, Don Cairns Cycling Club
C MASDING, Richard Cairns cycling club
C PREUSS, Alexander Blackburn Cycling Club
C SIMPSON-KITT, Brenden Launceston City CC
U9 HUYSER, Molly Cairns Cycling Clu
U9 ROLLASON, Billy Cairns cycling club
U11 HUYSER, Thomas Cairns Cycling Club
U13 GOULDING, Siena Bepositiveracing
U13 JACKSON, Imogen Cairns Cycling Club
U13 ROLLASON, Eliza Cairns cycling club
U15 BUCKLEY, Chloe Cairns Cycling Club
U15 HEDGER, Jack Townsville Cycle Club
U15 RODNEY, Tomas Cairns Cycling Club
U17 GOODWILL, Henry Townsville Cycle Club
U17 JACKSON, Reuben Cairns Cycling Clu
U17 ODENTHAL, Zach cairns mtb club
U17 RAYNER, Kirra Cairns Cycling Clu
U17 RODNEY, Niamh Cairns Cycling Clu
U19 SCOTT, Liam Cairns Cycling Club
U19 THOMPSON, RonÉ Cairns Cycling Club